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Wrapped Tag Projects Wrapped Tag Kits
Make wrapped tags - great for pendants, broaches or ornaments!
  • The instructions are FREE and are in a video below.
  • These projects use 3/4 Persian weave. This weave is beginner but connecting the ends together is intermediate. The video will help with this - stop and start as much as you need to learn this step.
  • The wrapped tags in these kits are just under 2" (5cm) in diameter. You can use the technique shown here to wrap any size disc.
  • We have pre-selected a few options for these projects below.
  • Feel free to assemble your own project. The rings used are 19g 3/16" and the tags are 1.5". We recommend anodized aluminum rings - they are found here. The blank tags are located here.
  • These tags can be used on many projects and you may wish to add some clasps or other findings to your order from our jewelry supply area here.

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